Preceptor Capital invests in early-stage businesses and provides practical business advice to the management team. All of the partners at Preceptor Capital have owned their own businesses and know what it is like to start a company, raise money, manage a P&L, make payroll and solve customer issues. We have been in your shoes and intimately understand your challenges. We don’t just provide funding, we provide strategy, guidance and leadership.


Gary Abrams

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Kevin Blayne

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Henry Dreifus

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Kevin Mencarelli

Co-Founder, Managing Partner


Fabio Viviani

Entrepreneur & Restauranteur
NYT Best Selling Author, TV Host

Josh Lippiner

Serial Entrepreneur
Co-Founder & President at PingGPS

Ray Wilson

Executive in Residence
Boston University Questrom School of Business

Clay Medley

President at CEM Automation LLC


Preceptor Capital

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